Cancelling a service

Hej!First of all, please accept apologizes for using English language, but my Swedish are very poor ("lite"). Initially, I agreed with a carpenter to make "new tak" in my house. In addition to these jobs, we discussed with him (with the carpenter) and he offered to me jobs related with "the renovation of the barn of my house" (these are additional jobs / other jobs than "new tak" jobs). In his offer it mentioned 50% deposit (the truth is that by my mistake I overlooked it). He asked 50% deposit in advance for the "barn repair", indicating by email that he will not start the "barn repair" jobs, if I do not pay the 50% jobs. Although, I have not paid the 50% and I am not going to pay it, he send me an invoice on July/2021. I told him that I can only pay the jobs as they progress. So, my questions are :1) do I have to pay the invoice, although he did not do any "barn repair" jobs yet?? 2) can I ask him to cancel his invoice?? Because of the situation, I am not interested any more to cooperate with him for the "barn repair" jobs.

Hello and thank you for reaching out to Lawline with your question!

Primarily, the buyer must pay the price for the service as required by the contract (41 § konsumenttjänstlagen). In this case you will have to pay half of the total amount in advance due to the agreement.

The buyer has the right to cancel the service until it is completed. You do not have to give a reason to cancel the service (42 § konsumenttjänstlagen). The carpenter cannot claim compensation or payment if you cancel the service before the work has started.

You must inform the carpenter that you want to cancel the service regarding the barn repair.


Mathias Nilsson
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